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The World Events That You Should Travel For The Year 2017

People don’t just travel because they want to spend a little vacation. There are also individuals who take some time off to witness global events that will happen in the world to be a part of the history. Check out the upcoming world events for 2017 that are worth it for your traveling venture.

1. 2017 Asian Winter Games

Venue: Sapporo Japan
Date: February 19-26, 2017

It is the third time that Sapporo will host the most awaited Asian Winter Games. You better start planning and booking the hotels near the Sapporo Dome as it will be the place where all the exciting Winter Games will be held.

2. Ferrari Land Opening

Venue: Tarragona, Spain
Date: April 07, 2017

It is the opening of the newest theme park called Ferrari Land. It will be a haven for all fast cars enthusiasts out there. It will be the home of the highest vertical accelerator across the continent of Europe. It is also the place where you can experience F1 racing as if you are a world class racer.

3. Total Solar Eclipse

Venue: Hopkinsville, Kentucky, USA
Date: August 21, 2017

This year, the perfect view of the total solar eclipse will be in Kentucky. You might think it is not worth the travel since you will only be able to witness the eclipse for just a couple of minutes but you are wrong. The eclipse is simultaneous with the Summer Salute Festival in Hopkinsville, so there is a lot of fun available even before the eclipse starts.

4. Belmond Andean Explorer Launch

Venue: Cuzco, Peru
Date: May 2017

Yes, there is a new train in town, but it is no ordinary train as it will drive you around the Andes. It is a world class train that you would be proud to be one of the first few people to ride it on its first run. A train equipped with an observation deck, beautiful lounges and a grand piano on board.

Set your schedules straight as you don’t want to miss these events that will make another mark in the history.

The 4 Best Places To Visit When You Are In Switzerland

Switzerland is a small country, but the places that you can see around it are spectacular. Millions of reasons are there on why you should visit the place. It has a lot to offer to tourists who are visiting the country. Let’s check out the prominent places that you should visit when you are in Switzerland.

1. Matterhorn, Zermatt

You would be amazed to see a pyramid-shaped mountain in Matterhorn. It is one of the most beautiful mountains in the world. It stands around 4,470 meters above ground, and the view is just spectacular. It is one of the most in-demand mountains to climb for many mountaineers all over the world. The good thing about the site is you can still enjoy the panoramic view even if you do not hike because there are cable cars ready to show you around.

2. Chateau de Chillon, Montreux

It is sitting perfectly in the middle of the Swiss Riviera. It is better known as the Chillon Castle that has been home to a high-profile family way back a few centuries ago. Inside the castle, you can feast your eyes with the beautiful things straight from the 14th-century era.

3. Swiss National Park, Zernez

Switzerland has only one national park, but it is a fantastic tourist destination. If you visit the Swiss National Park, you get to see glaciers, woodlands and waterfalls up close and personal. It is a great place to hike as there are around twenty-one trails available for hikers of different levels.

4. The Rhine Falls

It is the largest waterfalls in the whole continent of Europe, and that is the best reason why you should take the opportunity to see the majestic waterfalls in Switzerland. The best experience you can do in the area is rent a canoe and get close to the powerful gush of the falls.

If Switzerland is the next country to visit on your list, make sure to add these four excellent places so you can get the most out of your stay in the country.

5 Reasons Why Traveling Alone Is Good For You

More often than not we opt out to go on a vacation with our family and friends. It is a good thing as a matter of fact, but you should be able to try to travel alone even for just a couple of times. It’s good for you in so many ways. Check out the reasons why traveling alone is a good idea.

1. Easier planning

If you go on a solo trip, you wouldn’t need any one’s opinion to finish your itinerary. You don’t have to wait on other people’s schedule so that it will fit in your vacation time. It is a time just for you alone.

2. Work on your bucket list

Traveling alone means you would be able to do what you want. There are things that your companions wouldn’t agree to do. Some activities are not a good match for them, and it could be the reason why you would not be able to do the things you always wanted to try.

3. Meet new people at a different place

A solo traveler has more opportunity to meet and get acquainted with other individuals. You will not be required just to stick with the people who are with you. Aside from that, you will appear to be more approachable than if you are with some friends.

4. You get to do everything you want

It is the best thing that you’d get if you travel alone. No one will force you to do something you are not comfortable with or even with foods that you do not like to eat.

5. There is drama involve

Going alone for a vacation means you can escape all the drama you can be in to if you have a couple of companions around you. We can’t help that there are instances when we argue, and you can avoid that if you are on your own.

If you haven’t tried taking time off and going somewhere all by yourself, better start planning for it right now. You are missing a lot of good experiences for yourself.