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Discovering Southeast Asian Countries

Whenever we talk about Southeast Asia, we automatically link them with sandy beaches and historical temples. Yes, this is basically true. Southeast Asian countries are haven of natural attractions and eccentric structures. From Cambodia’s Angkor Wat to Philippines’ Coron Island, the region has now become one of the top tourist destinations, not just in Asia, but around the world.

Southeast Asia Travel Guide


In general, Southeast Asian countries are affordable. Whether you have booked in advance or the last minute, there are a lot of selections to choose from. These countries have nurtured their tourism very well that travellers wouldn’t have a hard time looking for a place to stay. You can choose from budget hostels that start at $15 USD or luxurious hotels with whopping rates that could go as high as $9,000 USD. Choosing your accommodation is really not a problem and it will largely depend on your budget and preferences.


Roaming around these countries is a great walkthrough of its history and culture. Either walking by foot or riding a jeepney, you will surely be amazed of the wonders of Southeast Asian countries. The most common transportation in the region is bus. Buses are very convenient and cheap at the same time. The transportation cost ranges from $4- $8 USD only for a 4 to 6 land trip journey.


Southeast Asian countries are a mix of historical and contemporary cultures. The varied cultures have a great impact in a country’s tourist attractions. There are some countries that have not embrace with modernization yet as they continue to uphold their traditions. As a result, their tourist attractions are mainly focused with historic and natural spots. On the other hand, most countries have clinched both ancient and modern way of promoting their country. With this, you will never have a dull moment in Southeast Asia because it is loaded with a lot of things to do like sightseeing with the historic temples in Thailand, wreck diving at Malaysian waters  or basking on the powdery white sands of Bali island.


Your travel trip to Southeast Asia is best completed by trying the local cuisines of each country. The region is filled with unique yet delectable foods perfect for every curious traveller. Try the Vietnamese “Pho” Rice Noodle Soup, Thai Mango Sticky Rice and Indonesian Satay. And if you want a more adventurous food trip, savor some Balut eggs from the Philippines or chew some crispy tarantula from Cambodia.


For travellers who are also shopaholics, Southeast Asia could be a great place for you. There a lot of choices for you to treat your shopping madness, from the outskirts of Thai street markets to the posh Singaporean stalls.

With the all the Southeast Asian wonders, no doubt travelers flock these countries— Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, all year round. There’s something about these countries that keep travellers from all parts of the globe, to pack their bags and book a flight to these destinations.

And if you are one of those that are bitten by the travel bug, Southeast Asia has always been ready to welcome you with open arms. Until your next travel destination!