When we talk about Malaysia, first thing that most of us think is the iconic Petronas Towers. Who wouldn’t , right? With its unique design and massive measurement, tourists would never fail to take a snap near the prominent building. But aside from the renowned structure, Malaysia is blessed with natural creations and manmade attractions.

Tourists from all parts of the globe have been visiting and revisiting the country all year round. The locals always let the visitors feel like they are at home and it’s something that keeps them connected to the country in a very special way. If you are in doubt, whether to book your ticket to Malaysia or not, then check out this travel guide and we will prove to you that Malaysia is an amazing country to explore and it’s definitely worth the visit.


The country has unceasingly prepared for the growing number of tourists per year. The accommodation is never a problem in Malaysia. You can find a lot of hotels, hostels and the like in every place that you visit.

Some of the top 5-star hotels are Pangkor Laut Resort, The Andaman, JW Marriott Hotel and Mandarin Oriental. These hotels offer lavish rooms and suites perfect for a peaceful retreat. However, if you are on a tight budget, you can choose some of the best budget hotels in the country like Hotel Soleil, Hotel Summer View, Swiss-Inn and Citin Hotel. The rates are very affordable, starting from $15 to $50  USD.


Your stay in Malaysia will be full of enlightening historical sites and stimulating adventure trips. Get yourself ready to conquer the numerous attractions and activities in the country. For sure, you will either be contented with its magnificence or you will strive for more travel trips.

Pose at the Prominent Petronas Towers

Of course, the obligatory post for all first-timers is to have the Petronas Towers as the backdrop. A little information though, the Petronas is situated in Kuala Lumpur. The structure was from the brilliant mind of Argentine architect, Cesar Pelli. And, it is the highest twin towers in the world with a whopping height of 1,483 ft.

Walk through history in Malacca

Visiting the capital of the Malaysian state of Malacca, is one of the best ways to experience the historical significance of the Malay culture and style. In the place, you will be at awe with the harmonious existence of historical sites and modern structures. Tour around the city by walking or renting a bike. Visit these top attractions: A’Famosa, Christ Church, Dutch Square Malacca and the Melaka River .

Hiking at Mulu Caves

Located in the Gunung Mulu National Park, the Mulu Caves are great destination for adventure enthusiasts and sight seekers. Aside from the captivating scenery inside the caves, the place is also the home for diverse plant and animal species. The Mulu Caves are truly gem surrounded by tropical rainforest and lush scenery. No doubt, it has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage.

Climb the Mount Kinabalu

Getting into the peak of Mount Kinabalu is one of the dream destinations of hikers. Its unique dagger design and lush surroundings are some reasons why this is great spot for travellers. The mountain is considered as the highest peak in Southeast Asia. Thus, more hikers are thrilled to climb the peak of the remarkable mountain.

Relax at Langkawi Islands

A very tranquil spot, Langkawi Island is a prime destination for tourists wanting to get away from the city stress. And we’re not talking about just one island. The place is a compilation of around 100 islands of beauty and magnificence. It does not only take pride of its rich marine life, but also the tropical life surrounding the area.

Exlpore the Genting Highlands

Many locals and tourists are visiting Genting Highlands to take a break from the hustle and bustle of life. Enjoy the exciting activities inside the resort and unwind with the panoramic views in the area. Because of the exceptional scenery and colorful amenities, the resort has been a very notable place for entertainment.


Kuala Lumpur is one of the shopping havens in Asia. Bukit Bintang is a very popular entertainment and shopping avenue in the country, with its trendy stalls, cozy cafes, upscale bars and night markets. Another notable shopping district is the Petaling Street, where you can freely haggle the item you want to buy. From souvenir shops to Chinese food stalls, the place is definitely a great way to spend your evening.


Though Malaysia is best known for its ancient sites and captivating islands, it is also well-admired for its lively nightlife scenes. The Changkat Bukit Bintang is a popular avenue of people looking for cocktail bars and drinking joints. And if you want to have an overlooking nightlife,  rooftop bar is a great choice for scenic city views.

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