Indonesia is best known for its exceptional beaches with powdery sands and aqua waters. These beaches are mostly situated in the charming island of Bali. But aside from Bali, did you know that there are over 13,000 islands comprising the country? Yes, Indonesia is a vast nation with thousands of islands, which makes it as the largest island country in the world.

Over the years, Indonesia has been tagged as a prime tourist spot, far more than its beaches. Locals have constructed iconic structures and cultivated natural parks that positively boosted the tourism of the country.  Tourists keep on visiting the country to satisfy their wanderlust and they weren’t disappointed at all.

If you’re on the verge of getting a vacation in Indonesia, here is your ultimate travel guide— from the accommodation to the top attractions.


The accommodation in the country is a mix of aristocratic hotels and affordable lodges. Most tourists would spend much for the accommodation because almost all fine hotels offer a complete tour package. It would be more convenient for them as they already have a detailed plan for their Indonesia travel. Some of the luxurious hotels in the country are Alila Villas Uluwatu, The Legian Bali, Viceroy Bali and Four Seasons Resort Bali. These are all 5-stars hotels that are not just for accommodation, but also for entertainment.

However, there are also hostels that are surprisingly very affordable like Loft Legian Hotel, Bali Sorgawi Hotel and Favehotel. These are best for tourists who want a flexible trip, with rates that start at $20 USD. You can always forego the tour packages and go for DIY adventures. It is just a matter of choice and convenience.


Still not sure what to do in Indonesia? Don’t fret! We’ve listed some of the most popular things to do in the country to make your stay more memorable. Indonesia is to beaches and more. Discover Indonesia through this virtual tour.

Relax and Party at Kuta Beach

Well, your stay in Indonesia would not be complete without visiting some of the top beaches in the country. A very known destination for tourists looking for a perfect getaway, Kuta Beach is a great choice. Situated in the south part of Bali island, tourists are attracted with the panoramic beachscape and captivating waves of the place. But more than the overrated beach, Kuta is well-known for its eccentric night celebrations.

Conquer the Waves at Plengkung Beach

A haven for all surfer fanatics. The energetic waves in Plengkung Beach make it one of the ultimate travel destinations for adventurists. Known for its famous 7 wave spin, surfers are always at awe with the euphoric feeling of conquering a towering height of 6 meter waves.

Visit the World’s Largest Buddhist Temple

Borobudur is a religious complex consisting of thousand temples and sacred designs. It was constructed during the 9th century and until now, it has stood the test of time. The  temples have become part of the wide attractions in the country, though it is unknown as to who built the now prominent structure.

Hike the remarkable Mount Bromo

Though it is not the highest peak in the country, Mount Bomo is the most travelled mountain in Indonesia. It is not just a mountain, but an active volcano. There has been several eruptions in the past, but tourists are still very attracted to hike the splendid work of nature. There’s always a different feeling of conquering beauty and risk at the same time, and that’s what Mount Bromo is all about.

Explore the aquatic life at Gili Islands

Gili Islands are composed of 3 magnificent islets— Gili Meno , Gili Trawangan and Gili Air. Each islet has its own distinct attractions that makes it a very known destination for beach bums and sea lovers. The islands are great for family vacation because of its fascinating sceneries and exciting activities.

Pose with the Komodo Dragons

To have a more stimulating trip, visit the Komodo National Park. From the word itself, the place is full of Komodo dragons over 5,700. These giant lizards  have made the park as its habitat and they are properly taken care of.

Retreat with a spa treat

Spending the whole day discovering the attractions in the country can sore your senses and muscles. Relax and have a spa treat at some of the finest spa massage salons in the country. Most hotels offer a relaxing massage at a minimal price. Grab it and enjoy a peaceful night.


Head on to some local stalls such as Ubud and Sukawati Art Market to witness creative handicrafts, paintings and souvenirs. And if you want a modern shopping with a touch of beachscape,  try Kuta Beachwalk.


The nights in Indonesia, especially in Bali, are packed with energetic locals and tourists. Beaches are always full with music and liveliness. The very popular nightclubs are Boshe VVIP Club, Cocoon Beach Club, District Bali and the Hard Rock Café. Party like there’s no tomorrow!