One of Tripadvisor’s top picks is Cambodia. Well, it deserves a spot in the world with its exceptional attractions and charming locals. The country has been an ultimate destination for local travellers and even famous actors.

When we talk about Cambodia, most travellers associate it with the splendid beauty of Angkor Wat. The iconic structure is an exceptional work of art and it constantly dazzles every visitor that sets eyes on this piece. But the country has so much to offer aside from the hyped up temple. Most attractions in Cambodia have been in the place for several years. Temples, statues and monuments are scattered all over the nation. And with that, the tourism of Cambodia has dramatically increased for the past year.

Book your flight, pack your things and visit the wonderful country of Cambodia. The country has been waiting for you all year long.


In Cambodia, you will not have a difficulty looking for a place to stay because you have a lot of selections ranging from classy hotels to cheap inns.  If you want to be near the capital of the city, then these are the recognized accommodations: iRoHa Garden Hotel & Resort, Plantation and Raffles Hotel Le Royal. These are all located in the central business district of the country. If you opt for affordable lodging, you can stay at The Luxury Concept Hostel, Sla Boutique Hostel and Funky Flashpacker Party Hostel.


Being picked as one of the most visited countries in the world, you don’t have to worry about the things you need to see or do in Cambodia. There are a lot, honestly speaking. And these are just some of the things you need to do in your travel.

Get lost in Angkor Wat’s beauty

Of course, you shouldn’t dare miss the top attractions of the country, the Angkor Wat. The religious complex is a representation of the outstanding Khmer architecture.  The interior is astoundingly as magnificent as the exteriors. Intricate designs and carvings were etched into the iconic structure. No wonder tourists are overwhelmed with its one of a kind splendor.


Visit the Royal Palace

If Thailand has its Grand Palace, Cambodia is proud for its Royal Palace. The complex of aristocrat buildings is also the dwelling of the king of the country. Its unique location near the riverfront makes it a more striking structure in the city of Phnom Penh.

Travel around Angkor Thom

Well, this is another spectacular scenery in the place. Also located in Siem Reap, Angkor Thom or Uncle Tom, as most tourists pronounce, is a definite stroll to the ancient city of Cambodia. The structure, the designs and all that composes the prehistoric city is absolutely brilliant.

Take a stop at Cambodian Landmine Museum

The collection of mines, mortars, guns and the like are properly taken care of at the Cambodian Landmine Museum. These destructive weapons have been a part of the  history of Cambodia. And up to now, the locals educate all visitors of its significance.

Relish the Cambodian cuisines

A travel would definitely be boring if you don’t try the local cuisines. Give your taste buds a break from the usual fast foods. Savor the tasty Cambodian cuisines like Amok, Bai sach chrouk, Khmer red curry and many more. These cuisines might become your favorite.

Witness sunset at Kep

Sunset is as beautiful as the sunrise. But it could be more beautiful if you witness it on the tiny island of Kep. Watch the sun as it meets its horizon in the most dreamy setting. It will truly be one of the views that you shouldn’t miss in Cambodia.

Explore the splendor of Banteay Srei

The temple may not be as prominent as Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom, but it has a very distinct structure. The carvings in the temples are very intricate and creative. It portrays a significant history and culture of the ancient Cambodians.


The most notable shopping hubs in the country  are located in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh. Unlike the massive malls in other countries, Cambodia sticks to local stalls and boutique shops. There are limited posh shopping treats since they are more focused with local artistry and unique crafts. Some popular places to shop for souvenirs and local pieces are at Russian Market, Street 178 and Angkor Night Market.


Though Cambodia seems to be an ancient country in the modern world, there are still visible night out spots. Chill bars and festive clubs light up the place at night. Make your night memorable at some of Cambodia’s top places to have a great nightlife such as Bouchon Wine Bar, Eclipse Sky Bar and the Angkor What? Bar.