Vietnam: Your Ultimate Travel Guide

If you want to travel to a country where historical ruins and contemporary structures are cordially together, then Vietnam should be on your list.

Situated on the South China Sea, Vietnam is a spectacular natural  wonder with a hint of ancient and modern times. The country may have coped up with the present era, but its historical significance couldn’t be denied. And because of this, more tourists become attracted in visiting the country to have a glimpse of the interesting history it offers.

Vietnam is truly a not-so-hidden gem in Southeast Asia. Day by day, travellers from different parts of the globe hope to visit the country and experience its surreal beauty. Don’t make the wait too long and travel to Vietnam as soon as possible. We’ve already prepared the ultimate travel guide for all of you.


Most suitable accommodations are located in the central business district of Hanoi. Being the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi is loaded with places to stay, work and enjoy. Most tourists would recommend staying at any hotel in the capital to make your travel more convenient.

Some of the known places for tourists are Hanoi Meracus Hotel, Hanoi Elegance Ruby Hotel and Hanoi Oriental Central Hotel. All of these hotels are top-rated at minimal cost. And if you want a cheaper accommodation, Duc Vuong Hotel, Diep Anh Guesthouse, Ngọc Linh Hotel and Hanoi Posh Hotel are the best choices, with low rates at $25 USD. Apparently, Vietnam is not a very expensive country and you can enjoy its beauty with just limited resources.

Things to do

Vietnam is a country full of travel attractions, from the spectacular Halong Bay to the historical tunnels of Củ Chi.  Get yourself ready for the countless sightseeing and adventures. It is definitely a travel of a lifetime.

Get lost with the beauty of Cát Bà National Park

A world heritage site, Cát Bà National Park is a very popular biosphere reserve in the country. The park is the habitat of many plant and animal species. And in the place, resides some endangered primates, the white-headed langur monkeys.

Explore Halong Bay

The most ideal way to explore the beauty of Halong bay is to take a cruise. A cruise trip could take you to the towering limestone pillars surrounded with tropical rainforest. There are several agencies that offer cruise trip going to the bay.

Adore the pagodas and temples

For all temple and pagoda fanatics, Vietnam is utterly an ideal place for you. The country seems to have an infinite number of ancient and religious structures. And we’re not talking about boring design, but exceptional Vietnamese architectural style. The most popular pagodas and temples in the country are Dâu, Con Son, Keo Temple, Tran Quoc and Xa Loi Pagoda.

Dip in Mũi Né beach

A prime destination for water sports, Mũi Né keeps on surprising tourists with its extreme beauty. Because of its exceptional fine sands and breathtaking scenery, most travellers would prefer to camp on the sands than rent a place to stay.

Walk around Ho Chi Minh City

Revisit history in the streets of Ho Chi Minh City. The city greatly took part in the history and culture during the ancient Vietnam. Even up to now, the ruins are still prevalent in the contemporary time. You can rent a bike and tour around the city.

Be captivated by Ban Gioc Waterfall

No doubt, Ban Gioc Waterfall is a surreal natural beauty . This 3-tier waterfall continues to captivate tourists with its undeniably breathtaking scenery— tropical rainforest, splendid falls and deep waters. Aside from Ban Gioc, also check out Pongour Waterfall, which is another out-of-the-world attraction.

Sneak through the Cu Chi Tunnels

Long before these tunnels became a tourist attraction, the Cu Chi tunnels were considered as hideouts for Vietnamese soldiers during the guerrilla warfare. In the present time, tourist could now crawl the tunnels and also fire some AK47s.


The capital of Vietnam, Hanoi, is a great shopping hub. There are a lot of places to shop in the capital like Ben Thanh Market, Vincom Center and Saigon Square. These shopping hubs are plugged with everything every traveller needs like trendy items, creative crafts and souvenirs.


When the night falls, certain places in the country beam with colorful lights and catchy sounds. Tourists flock the bars and clubs to have a drink and enjoy the night. There are numerous of nightlife spots in Vietnam and some of the most popular ones are Chill Skybar, Blanchy’s Tash and Broma Company Limited, which are all located in Ho Chi Minh City. In Hanoi, you can unwind at King Pirates Pub, Fat Cat Bar and Cama ATK.

Visiting Singapore for the first time

Considered as the most expensive and cleanest country in Asia, Singapore is also a top tourist destination for all travellers. The Republic of Singapore has set a lot of rules and policies for the locals and tourist staying in the state. Left to right, you will see a lot of reminders— No Littering, No Smoking, No Running, No Spitting of gum, etc. These policies are implemented to train the citizens and apparently it has went a long way, making Singapore a very progressive nation, not just in Asia, but in the whole world.

Planning for a week vacation in Singapore? Read up before heading into the place and you’ll surely have a more convenient and impressive stay in the state.


Ranking first as the priciest country in Asia, Singapore’s accommodation is far more expensive than its neighboring countries as well. The cost of living in the place may be pricey, but there are still budget hostels perfect for travellers who don’t want to spend too much.

Some of the most affordable places to stay in Singapore are Five Stones Hostel, Adler Luxury Hostel and River City Inn. But for tourists who want a lavish living even for a couple of days, then stay at Singapore’s luxurious hotel resorts such as Grand Hyatt Singapore, The Fullerton Bay Hotel, Shangri-La Hotel Singapore and Capella Singapore.


From the iconic Merlion to the remarkable Marina Sands Bay, Singapore seems to be a very modernized state. But apart from the futuristic structures in the state, Singapore is also proud of its natural attractions such as the botanical gardens and vibrant parks.

Take a picture with the Merlion

Most tourists wouldn’t mind to strike a pose at the iconic Singaporean creature, the Merlion. With the head of lion and body of fish, first time tourists would always find this structure beautifully odd. Bring out your best Instagram-worthy pose together with this unique national icon.

Walk at the Helix Bridge

A pedestrian lane linking to Marina Centre, is another prominent structure in Singapore. Its unique design that assembles like that of DNA structure makes it one of the most visited sites in the state. Take an evening walk at the bridge and enjoy the exceptional night view of the place.

Ride the Singapore Flyer

One of the best ways to witness the scenic Singaporean cityscape is to ride the Singapore Flyer. The giant structure stands at 541 ft. high, making it a very ideal place to enjoy the vast and  unobstructed city view. The flyer has 28 capsules that can accommodate up to 28 people.

Have fun at Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore is a great family destination that offers a lot of stimulating rides and colorful attractions. Take the adventure to a more exciting phase by experiencing all the theme-park rides, perfect for the adventure seekers. Some of the heart-pumping rides are Transformers: The Ride, 3D Battle and Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure.

Enjoy nature with Singapore Botanic Gardens

Being the cleanest state on Asia, Singapore has fully promoted nature conservation through its distinct ways. The Singapore Botanic Gardens is an example of utmost preservation of flora life, with thousands of plant and flowers species surrounding the area.

Witness the giant Supertrees

These giant trees that range from 82 ft and 160 ft, are well-taken in the Gardens by the Bay. It may just look like a massive structure from a far, but these trees called Supertrees, are the habitat of tropical plants and animated flowers. There are over 162, 900 plants covering the Supertrees.

Wander around Singapore Zoo

Treat your kids to a very animating tour at Singapore Zoo. The world’s best rainforest zoo is packed with hundred species of animal like polar bears, orangutans, pigeons, buffalos, flamingo, kangaroo and many more. For sure, your kids will truly enjoy a day with these lively animals.

Unwind at Sentosa

A very popular island resort in Singapore, Sentosa is great destination for everyone. The island is the hub for attractions like Tiger Sky Tower, Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom and Sentosa 4D Adventureland.


From trendy fashion clothes to latest gadgets and everything under the sun, Singapore offers you with a lot of shopping districts. Singapore is widely known for its luxurious shopping of top-rated brands, posh fashion accessories and up-to-date electronics. VivoCity, Paragon Shopping Centre, The Shoppes and Bugis Street are just some of the most visited sites to treat your shopping cravings.


If you want a chill nightlife, stay at Boat Quay & Clarke Quay, Suprette, Timbre @ The Substation or Hood Bar and Café. But if you need a more pulsating night, Zouk Club, Canvas Nightclub, Club Kyo and Attica are the best choices. After all, you deserve a great night in Singapore.

Ultimate Travel Guide to Cambodia

One of Tripadvisor’s top picks is Cambodia. Well, it deserves a spot in the world with its exceptional attractions and charming locals. The country has been an ultimate destination for local travellers and even famous actors.

When we talk about Cambodia, most travellers associate it with the splendid beauty of Angkor Wat. The iconic structure is an exceptional work of art and it constantly dazzles every visitor that sets eyes on this piece. But the country has so much to offer aside from the hyped up temple. Most attractions in Cambodia have been in the place for several years. Temples, statues and monuments are scattered all over the nation. And with that, the tourism of Cambodia has dramatically increased for the past year.

Book your flight, pack your things and visit the wonderful country of Cambodia. The country has been waiting for you all year long.


In Cambodia, you will not have a difficulty looking for a place to stay because you have a lot of selections ranging from classy hotels to cheap inns.  If you want to be near the capital of the city, then these are the recognized accommodations: iRoHa Garden Hotel & Resort, Plantation and Raffles Hotel Le Royal. These are all located in the central business district of the country. If you opt for affordable lodging, you can stay at The Luxury Concept Hostel, Sla Boutique Hostel and Funky Flashpacker Party Hostel.


Being picked as one of the most visited countries in the world, you don’t have to worry about the things you need to see or do in Cambodia. There are a lot, honestly speaking. And these are just some of the things you need to do in your travel.

Get lost in Angkor Wat’s beauty

Of course, you shouldn’t dare miss the top attractions of the country, the Angkor Wat. The religious complex is a representation of the outstanding Khmer architecture.  The interior is astoundingly as magnificent as the exteriors. Intricate designs and carvings were etched into the iconic structure. No wonder tourists are overwhelmed with its one of a kind splendor.


Visit the Royal Palace

If Thailand has its Grand Palace, Cambodia is proud for its Royal Palace. The complex of aristocrat buildings is also the dwelling of the king of the country. Its unique location near the riverfront makes it a more striking structure in the city of Phnom Penh.

Travel around Angkor Thom

Well, this is another spectacular scenery in the place. Also located in Siem Reap, Angkor Thom or Uncle Tom, as most tourists pronounce, is a definite stroll to the ancient city of Cambodia. The structure, the designs and all that composes the prehistoric city is absolutely brilliant.

Take a stop at Cambodian Landmine Museum

The collection of mines, mortars, guns and the like are properly taken care of at the Cambodian Landmine Museum. These destructive weapons have been a part of the  history of Cambodia. And up to now, the locals educate all visitors of its significance.

Relish the Cambodian cuisines

A travel would definitely be boring if you don’t try the local cuisines. Give your taste buds a break from the usual fast foods. Savor the tasty Cambodian cuisines like Amok, Bai sach chrouk, Khmer red curry and many more. These cuisines might become your favorite.

Witness sunset at Kep

Sunset is as beautiful as the sunrise. But it could be more beautiful if you witness it on the tiny island of Kep. Watch the sun as it meets its horizon in the most dreamy setting. It will truly be one of the views that you shouldn’t miss in Cambodia.

Explore the splendor of Banteay Srei

The temple may not be as prominent as Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom, but it has a very distinct structure. The carvings in the temples are very intricate and creative. It portrays a significant history and culture of the ancient Cambodians.


The most notable shopping hubs in the country  are located in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh. Unlike the massive malls in other countries, Cambodia sticks to local stalls and boutique shops. There are limited posh shopping treats since they are more focused with local artistry and unique crafts. Some popular places to shop for souvenirs and local pieces are at Russian Market, Street 178 and Angkor Night Market.


Though Cambodia seems to be an ancient country in the modern world, there are still visible night out spots. Chill bars and festive clubs light up the place at night. Make your night memorable at some of Cambodia’s top places to have a great nightlife such as Bouchon Wine Bar, Eclipse Sky Bar and the Angkor What? Bar.