Best Backpacks With Wheels

A backpack with wheels is a dream come true for travelers and adventurers. Carry it or roll it, the backpacks have only improved on capacity, quality, or design to live up to the expectations of the 21st-century travelers who are constantly looking for hassle-free luggage management.

Backpacks have always been the favorite option for travelers and adventurers. The only reluctance while buying them has been the idea of carrying a heavy bag on your shoulders throughout the trip. Now that travelers finally have the option of buying a backpack with wheels, backpacks are back in the market.

‘Common’ is hardly the world to describe the popularity of wheeled luggage. For adventurers and travel enthusiasts, carrying conventional suitcases with wheels can be cumbersome. Even carrying heavy backpacks that don’t offer mobility options can be exhausting. That’s when the idea of a backpack with wheels was discovered.


Osprey Sojourn 80L

The first impression of the Osprey Sojourn 80L is its body featured with high-quality fabric and nylon color accents. It has both a shoulder harness and a hip belt that are removable and adjust to different heights. It has sturdy, robust wheels that roll smoothly over every surface. Whether you use it as a conventional shoulder backpack or as a modern wheeled one, Osprey Sojourn 80L will live up to your expectations.


ECBC Pegasus Convertible wheel backpack

Wheels aren’t the only modern touch to the ECBC Pegasus Convertible backpack. Its tech-savvy design meets the contemporary demands of a technology-obsessed generation of travelers. Its compartments fit 15” laptops and tablets. The backpack also comes with the ECBC Portable Power Pack equipped with a 4500mAh battery to help charge your devices while you’re on the move. So you have everything in the ECBC Pegasus- a wheeled, tech backpack. 


Osprey Ozone Convertible 50L

Osprey’s prized possession is its Highroad LT Chassis that lets the backpack reel and twirl comfortably when in wheel mode. This backpack has big, sturdy wheels designed to glide over small obstacles. The lightweight ABS plastic base and aluminum helps ease the ride.

The highlight, however, is the detachable daypack that comes with the Osprey Ozone Convertible 50L. It’s inconvenient for travelers to carry their entire backpacks or an additional small bag for everyday use while they are traveling. The daypack that comes with Osprey’s 50L backpack has enough capacity to store everything you would need while moving around the place.


Osprey Meridian 75L

Yet another backpack with wheels by Osprey is the Meridian 75L. The backpack comes with a hard shell which is ideal for rough travel expeditions. Like the ECBC Pegasus, Osprey Meridian 75L offers a detachable daypack to travelers who need something small for their everyday trips. The daypack can accommodate a laptop, a tablet, and emergency rain gears.


Eagle Creek Expanse Convertible 29

While offering substantial storage space and sturdy wheels that can spin a loaded backpack, the Eagle Creek Expanse Convertible 20 has a distinct feature – the excellent, well-designed suspension system. The harness and padded hip belt effortlessly adjust to various lengths. The load stabilizer strap maintains the weight evenly in the center. As for the wheels, the Eagle Creek Expanse Convertible 29 can traverse over every terrain that is coarse, bumpy, rocky, and rugged.

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